•   We have been outsourcing and entrusted maintenance control inside the hospital (in-hospital maintenance) since 1991.

  •   We contribute financial advantages with showing the difference in cost between in-hospital maintenance and outsource maintenance

  •   We create a maintenance plan for medical equipment and also summarize package insert for the medicine.

  •   We conduct briefing session to give a deep understanding of the medical equipment utilization to the hospital staffs

  •   We support“Know-How” in ME operations and give guidance on the introduction of central management for medical equipment.

  •   In case of hospital relocation, we provide transportation and installation guidance for medical equipment.

  •   Based on our in-hospital survey, we create a ledger of medical equipment (Equipment specification, production number, etc)

  •   We create operation manual and selecting central management equipment.

  •   Our technician sparticipate in a training session for each instrument and we constantly strive to improve knowledge and technology every day.

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