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"ME" stands for Medical Engineering, and "ME equipment" refers to medical equipment are used for treatment, diagnosis and monitoring patients. The main Activities at ME center are delivering, checking and repairing ME equipment, and also installing tag number for tracking on equipment which has high commonality and urgency need to improve the operational efficiency of the equipment.

The management method for ME equipment is focused on delivering form and computerized system at central location in ME center, and there is a large whiteboard inside of ME center, in addition, to make easier to control and recognize at a glance, what kind and how many units of ME equipment are using in the hospital area and which hospital ward they are used. Furthermore, to improve medical treatment service, we always constantly do disinfection and maintaining inspection control of medical equipment, so we can ensure the patients can utilizeME equipment in secure.

For the purpose of improving safety and proper use of the equipment, we do maintenance control of various ME equipment such as ventilator, infusion pump, artificial cardiovascular machine, dialysis machine, defibrillator and many more which are used at hospital ward, outpatient service area, surgery area and other area as our service activities at the hospital.

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